My PKU summers since 1997

(Featured photo: Camp PHEver 2011) This will be my favorite post to write because of how much this means to me! Many of my PKU friendships started in August of 1997, 20 years ago and to this day my closest friendships have come from that summer. In 1997 a group of amazing people had this … Continue reading My PKU summers since 1997

PKU Awareness Month: Detection at it’s best, Newborn Screening

Now that I have explained PKU to you and a little bit more about what it is and exactly what doesn’t work in our body. I want to explain how it is detected. This is probably one of the most important things about PKU, I feel the whole PKU community can agree on. When a … Continue reading PKU Awareness Month: Detection at it’s best, Newborn Screening

Phenylketonuria aka PKU

Over the course of the rest of this month, May, I will post more on topics relating to PKU. I will also share some photos and videos into my life with PKU.   May is Phenylketonuria, PKU, Awareness month, and well I have PKU. Never heard of Phenylketonuria, PKU before? If you have I am … Continue reading Phenylketonuria aka PKU

The Proverbial Table #goals

For months I have been contemplating what I wanted to “revamp” my page with. Researching what topics I can write about to make my blog stand out. Of course I come across the other blogs who recommend “stick to topics you know” “find your niche audience” & my favorite “blog, blog, blog”. Well all of … Continue reading The Proverbial Table #goals

It’s time Texas!

This Monday & Tuesday I had the opportunity through work to attend the It's Time Texas Summit through work but also as an ITT Ambassador.  The discussion has been exceptionally wonderful and great from policy making to engaging our communities for creating a healthy lifestyle.  As a nutrition educator in the community, I can not … Continue reading It’s time Texas!