Yucca Fire Fries

If you are a potato fanatic you will want to try this new twist on fries! Yucca is also a root just like potato is. This root vegetation is where our tapioca pudding derives from. Yucca root can be used to treat inflammation (but I am not a doctor, just a nutritionist) so consult your … Continue reading Yucca Fire Fries

Put a little pumpkin in it ;)

We are now 4 days away from Thanksgiving and it is officially fall here in South Texas. Last night I had to turn my oven on and get back in the kitchen. I am currently preparing for a turn of events which I will be documenting like crazy here on my blog. It is taking … Continue reading Put a little pumpkin in it 😉

Holy Nach-cho Sweetness!

This post is about to get a whole lot sweeter!!! Of course I'll be working/discussing/cooking and tasting sweet potatoes! You are pretty lucky this post will be a double whammy! Two recipes in one! First we are going to make Sweet Potato Chips! Then with those delicious homemade sweet potato chips we are going to … Continue reading Holy Nach-cho Sweetness!