Maternal PKU & Pre-con

As I enter my third trimester (in 2 weeks) of pregnancy I am trying to wrap my head around how this has flown by and moving so quickly. I love every minute of being pregnant but I may be experiencing what some refer to as a “unicorn baby”.  I am absolutely loving the kicks throughout my … Continue reading Maternal PKU & Pre-con

Delicious Veggie Power Bowl

I wanted to put together a dish that was be flavorful, healthy and quick. I found a lot of the cutting could be done through just picking up pre-cut veggies at the grocery store. If you're on a budget like we are the cutting labor comes from you. Lets get started on this quick colorful … Continue reading Delicious Veggie Power Bowl

Fertility Friendly Lifestyle Changes Ahead

I have been dying and wanting to put this together here for such a long time now. I am finally getting around to doing it, now that I am pregnant myself. Healthy eating habits and daily diet changes to benefit fertility and help increase chances of becoming pregnant. I am a strong firm believer in … Continue reading Fertility Friendly Lifestyle Changes Ahead

No Touchy, Touchy!

From bellies to babies, there is one simple rule that always seems to be ignored: Do Not Touch! Oh Yes Please, do touch my stomach! - said no pregnant woman ever Does anyone else remember the song taught in elementary school and/or girl scouts along with Stranger Danger, “Stop! Don’t touch me there these are … Continue reading No Touchy, Touchy!

Price Pair to become a Trio

My husband and I are expected to have our lives changed forever when we add a bundle of joy to our family with our first child. We are excited to have this new journey and I cannot contain my excitement for #boymom life! Give me all the bugs, poo convos, and cuddles I am ready!