Price Pair to become a Trio

As of now if we are friends on Facebook you’ve noticed the big notice and change in our lives coming in April of next year (2018)!

My husband and I are expected to have our lives changed forever when we add a bundle of joy to our family with our first child. We are excited to have this new journey and I cannot contain my excitement for #boymom life! Give me all the bugs, poo convos, and cuddles I am ready!

Week 9 and our first OB appointment, the wait was long and hard but we saw him! We’re calling him Squirt until names come along, may be a while. #indecisive

Let me tell you, keeping a secret has never been this hard and that is not to say I kept it much of a secret. We told those close to us almost immediately but it has been on an absolute down low. We booked our trip to Nashville, TN earlier this year and we planned on a belated (2 year belated) honeymoon and we never expected it to become a babymoon as well! We are super blessed to have it become a babymoon!

We started this journey as a Price Pair

Now we have many adjustments to do before our little squirt arrives but we couldn’t be more excited for this journey. Have I mentioned that yet?!

When we got married back in September of 2015 we stuck to our hashtag #PricePair and now we will no longer become a pair but an even better trio. So we have moved on from Price Pair to Price Trio. As you can see in the comparisons of banners, we’ve upgraded you could say.

We are starting a new chapter and becoming a Price Trio!

I also wanna post a bit about symptoms I’ve experienced and be the walking billboard that symptoms are different for every single person. In the future posts to come I hope to express the different symptoms, a fun post about gender myths/guessing and our actual gender and of course I would be foolish not to share my maternal PKU story.

Stay tuned many, many more updates coming!


NOTE: All pregnancy Nashville photo credit goes to Laura K. Allen Photography and Price Pair banner photo credit goes to Kelly Lea Photography

We used this photo in our announcement on social media, check out that batman building 😉

2 thoughts on “Price Pair to become a Trio

  1. Congratulations! I remember the first Camp PHEver – thank you Rani Singh for your dedication to people with metabolic disorders. It’s great to read what this camp has meant to you! Blessings in your pregnancy. Your blog is brilliant!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Thank you for your kind words!
      Oh Yes Camp PHEver is something else.
      I have also attended Emory Camp for Girls and met Dr. Singh at her camp, Camp Emory!
      It just doesn’t compare to Camp for All, Camp PHEver it holds a special place in my heart, I’ve had many summers spent there!


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