The Proverbial Table #goals

For months I have been contemplating what I wanted to “revamp” my page with. Researching what topics I can write about to make my blog stand out. Of course I come across the other blogs who recommend “stick to topics you know” “find your niche audience” & my favorite “blog, blog, blog”. Well all of this research has clearly failed me.

I sit here still undecided on what to blog. This alone puts me back in college. This puts me into the realm of deciding, “do I want to take on this second venture?” this second job if you will. Finding my audience, has been a mental battle.

The past blog posts have been about a few things I have experienced, cooked, or done. Where am I now? I am a young woman who is on the brink of pre conception and starting her family with her husband. I am a career woman on a path that feels it is a black tunnel leading to nowhere. When you are in college you are put on a path of figuring oneself out, and discovery. Well no one told me that path would eventually find me again.

Here I am undecided about where I want to go in life. But a few things I have discovered about myself are a few passions I want to pursue and gain experience in.

For example one skill you have seen blossom as I cooked recipes and shared them is my passion for food photography. I am currently on a journey to discover my learning capabilities and enhancing my skills. Reading anything and everything I can find in learning the ins and outs of food photography. From cooking new foods, trying to garnish a plate for artistic features, and learning how to use my beloved Canon to capture a food’s best features.

I want to bring something new to the proverbial table. Something that can help others learn and engage into the experience of cooking, learning and well of course, eating. I hope over the next year I am able to learn more about myself and mostly find my path of happiness while being able to live off something I love doing. Consider this my “putting it out in the universe” in hopes it lights that fire under me and I begin to receive what the Universe can provide to me.

Here is to hoping for the better future for myself and sharing it with the world.


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