It’s time Texas!

got my steps in

This Monday & Tuesday I had the opportunity through work to attend the It’s Time Texas Summit through work but also as an ITT Ambassador. 

The discussion has been exceptionally wonderful and great from policy making to engaging our communities for creating a healthy lifestyle. 

As a nutrition educator in the community, I can not tell you enough I am indeed and shockingly human. Today on the final day of this conference I had the chance to listen to a panel of guest speakers from Dr. Esteban López, MD, MBA from Blue Cross to Kate Rogers VP of corporate communications and health promotion at grocery Mongol giant of Texas and my former employer, H-E-B among the prestigious panelists they reminded us we are all human. They even mentioned their day to day, or demons as it was put by a panelist, struggles we all suffer from at home to work environments. When I mention environments, I am talking about the lack of access to a walking path for some stretching and exercise to get away from your desk all day. We all have daily struggles whether it’s deciding between an apple with some peanut butter for a snack or that delicious Texas Homemade Blue Bell Vanilla. We all have food choices and a relationship with food and this is something I even myself struggle with. 

Truth: It’s only been 17 hours since my last sugary beverage & fast food meal. My Struggle. It’s real. 

Whether it is finding access to food, finding the information for a successful and safe run/walk, or finding a recipe that is appealing and healthy, it is a daily struggle to be healthy but it’s necessary. Our future is at stake from insurance to food industry to home. 

It’s time Texas to wake up: read our food ingredients, make home cooked meals, educate our selves of what we are eating, making a change for ourselves to live healthier futures. 

Time for us to eat well and treat our only personal home [our bodies] as they should be treated, you only live once make it is best longest journey anyone has ever seen, for you. 

Listening to the panelist discuss hot topics from policies making changes to their personal struggles.

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