Approaching 30 days…

As all of you know I began a Whole30 journey back on January 4. Well the day is quickly approaching in less than 6 hours, Day 30. I have reached the end of my journey.

Here is a quick list of what I have learned so far:

  1. Nutritious food tastes great
  2. My body does not like sugar
  3. Sugar has a hold on my brain and produces some serious sugar dragons even on day 28
  4. When food is offered and free I do not hesitate and take it :-\
  5. I am still undecided as to how to and what to reintroduce first into my body
  6. I am down a dress size
  7. I have lost many inches
  8. The tigerblood in me is strong
  9. With #6, #7, & #8 present, I am considering continuing this lifestyle

I have learned so much in this Whole30 experience, I still want to continue to feed my habit of eating super clean. I am fearful of how my body will react to sugar, wheat, dairy, alcohol, and legumes.

But you know what; no matter what I decide to do in the next 29 hours I am super happy I did this and super happy I have an amazing support group. Most of which will continue the journey, and I am really contemplating continuing as well.

With that I want to invite you all to see my entire Whole30 journey on my instagram.

I am turning 30 this year and I am just not currently thinking of big goals I want to accomplish this year of 2016. I am now off to cook a delicious Whole30 dinner and contemplate which I want to put to paper and declare to you all.

What are some of your goals you’ve placed for this entire 2016? Not the New Year’s resolutions you probably already forgot, but GOALS. A dream you have with a plan. Drop them below in the comments!

Or share them on the IG using the hashtag #DreaDreamsWell and tag me @DreaEatsWell


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