Here is my current story: my confession

I want to get something off of my chest. I am desensitized to food. My husband and I since the week before our wedding almost one entire month ago have been eating junk/fast food like crazy. It really didn’t hit me until I was cooking soup for lunch tomorrow. I AM DESENSITIZED to good foods! Good nutritious foods. I have a sugar addiction. I am lethargic all the time, and I mean ALL the time. I am super bloated and that is not just me being a whiney female acknowledging her current weight gain. It is because of this:

Last night I was at a meeting for work. As we were getting up and leaving one of the sweet ladies asked me in front of everyone “Andrea, I have to ask you, are you expecting?” “I SURE HOPE NOT” were the words out of my mouth. I had to make a trip to the ladies room before I even started the meeting an hour and a half prior to her question. But for some odd reason it still has not hit me how off the wall and inappropriate questions these are. Well then this afternoon I was walking into a classroom full of one of my many third grade classes about to teach them about Whole Grains. Well these two sisters were snickering and I looked at them and one goes “she said your pregnant”.

In less than 24 hours apart I have been mistaken for pregnant. -_-

This week is proving to me to be my wake up call. I need to get back in gear and get my health back at it.

By ABSOLUTELY NO MEANS, am I a green-grass shootin’, exercising, I am one with the earth, yoga doin’, hippie. I am a twenty something still trying to adjust to having a career and little time to herself. I am learning how to deal with an almost hour commute everyday to work. Waking up are hell for me, since I’ve been extremely unhealthy. I do not meditate, though I wish I did, the dream of having 20 minutes of peace to myself I’d love it! This is the struggle of every working human who dreams of being healthy, living on their own time and not slaving away to society. I know I am not alone and I am among many.

I feel I am living a huge lie when I am teaching nutrition,. Preaching, if you will, about how families and children should not be making fast food, sodas, and processed foods a normal habit, however I have fallen into my own pitfall of junk food, sodas, and processed foods. My consequence: Being desensitized to healthy nutrition and delicious foods. My body craves sugar. I confess this is bad when I am hiding golden double stuffed Oreos in my car. Yup, hiding food in my car and it is even the worst place for a commuter.

I need to do something. Time to eat more. This is one reason I started this blog. I am not alone. I am human.

5 thoughts on “Here is my current story: my confession

  1. Amen sister… Soda is my poison of choice… But I know that’s exactly what it is… Poisonous liquid I should not put in my body but I crave it… One day will power will have its time to shine.


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