Welcome to Drea Eats Well!

Welcome to the very first blog post of many to come! A fantastic edition of Drea (short for Andrea) Eats Well!

I, like many women, am just trying to eat healthy, feel energetic healthy, and stay on budget! I am here to prove to you that you can! This is a documentation of my journey to:

  • trying, finding and tasting new recipes
  • trying new budgeting methods
  • life experiences you may be seeking advice on
  • fitness: the constant struggle of losing weight
  • with a nice side of nutrition education.

A little about myself before get into this!

I am Andrea, I am a 29 year old working wife. I am a newly-wed (as of two weeks today) and I work for a large non-profit in San Antonio, Texas. I am a nutrition education coordinator and absolutely love my job! I have my Bachelors of Health Science in Nutrition and Dietetics and am happy to share my well paid for knowledge with all you of willing to read!

Along with my newly-wed status we are beginning to embark on life’s adventures after marriage. Examples include that marital finance woahs, the journey to buying a new house, becoming gazelle’s and attacking our debt and past financial choices/consequences, eventually beginning a family, and with that becoming a couple living the “All-American Dream”. I sure hope you will join us in our journey, The Price Pair, and look forward to seeing our future unfold.




(JJ & Andrea Price, aka The Price Pair)

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